Alan Murphy-Guitarist

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Scott Akister, Paul Barnett, Bill Barret, Shaun Baxter, Tony  Beard, Richard Cottle, Peter Cox, Richard Galbraith, Dave Gladden,  Jim Hedges, Steve Hoyland, Paul Jennings, Mark King, Felix Krish, Mac, Neville Marten, Moon, Steve Mountford, George Nash, Jill Saward, Chris Simpson, Graham Sloan, Winston Walker and May S.Young.

Links and thanks :

• Carl Mueller from   for the SFX CD picture.
• Morgan Roussel from    for the picture 13.
• Sean from the Kate Bush News and Information web site.
• Norman van den Wildenberg from  for more discography.
• Martyn Booth (see
• Paul Cook who runs the Farenheit  451 web site, for the Zaine Griff programme and pic.
• Level 42 site by  Lars Grill Nielsen
• Alan Murphy live: by Len Pritchard.

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